Terms of use of the service "Call yours"

These Terms of Use apply to consumers of the “Call Yours” service on the website. By accessing the ”Call Yours” service, you acknowledge that you accept the following terms and conditions: If you do not understand or accept any of the terms of this document, you should stop using this website.

In cases permitted by law, UniTalk reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time without notice. You are required to regularly review these Terms of Use for changes to them. Continuing to use the “Call Yours” service after making such changes will be deemed your consent to them.

These Terms are developed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and international law.

Main terms

Service "Call yours" (Service) - a service that is provided free of charge by UniTalk on the platform of the site The "Call Yours" service is a UniTalk social project, designed to help displaced persons, volunteers, military and their relatives and closest people during the war. Using the Service allows you to make a call to the subscriber's mobile number using the Internet.

Site - internet site at

Site owner – UniTalk

Contractor – UniTalk Company

User – an individual who uses the Service "Call yours".

Service – a set of server, network, software, technological and other resources of the Contractor provided for temporary use to the User.

The territory of the Service – calls can be made to any mobile numbers of Ukrainian telecom operators.

Operator – a mobile operator.

Subscriber – is a consumer of mobile communication services who receives these services under the terms of an agreement with a mobile operator.

"Phone-phone" option - call using the Service between mobile subscribers on the territory of Ukraine.

Option "browser-phone" - a call using the Service between the user of a personal computer anywhere in the world and a mobile subscriber on the territory of Ukraine.

Call dump - a set of technical data, including information about the passage of the call, nodes that would make calls, customer response codes and other information necessary for technical diagnostics of possible communication problems.

The procedure for providing the service

The user is given the opportunity to call the subscriber's mobile phone number using the functionality of the site in two ways:

Current restrictions for using the "Call Yours " Service:

Standards for the use of the site

User's responsibility

Guarantees and rights of the Contractor

Limitation of the Contractor's liability

Feedback from the Contractor

In case of comments or suggestions to the Work of the Service "Call yours", he has the opportunity to contact the Contractor through the form on the Website page.